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ESPOIR & AMOUR Dragon's Blood Sage - 3 Spiritual Dragon Blood Sage Sticks for Smudging, Healing and Ritual | Sustainably Harvested 4 Inch Red Sage Smudge Stick to Protect from Negativity

ESPOIR & AMOUR Dragon's Blood Sage - 3 Spiritual Dragon Blood Sage Sticks for Smudging, Healing and Ritual | Sustainably Harvested 4 Inch Red Sage Smudge Stick to Protect from Negativity

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Color: Dragon's Blood


  • FEEL PROTECTED - Cleanse and defend the energy surrounding you and your loved ones with Espoir and Amour Dragons Blood White Sage. Take a moment to yourself and let our fresh, organic sage smudge stick reduce stress and improve your mood, while the dragons blood amplifies the healing and metaphysical protection benefits.
  • DISTINCTIVE AROMA - Our red sage stick inspires instant relief and a lighter feeling spirit. Perfect for cleansing rituals and protecting from negative energies in homes, yoga studios, and offices. Dissipate negative vibes and cleanse your aura with these dragons blood white sage smudge stick.
  • JOURNEY TO INNER PEACE - These dragon blood smudge sticks are suitable for beginners embarking on their spiritual journey, but also ideal for experienced healers to continue their spiritual cleansing. Allow the white sage smoke to dispel negativity and bring calmer energy into your life.
  • SUSTAINABLY HARVESTED - Espoir and Amour's dragons blood smudge stick has been carefully picked, sun-dried and neatly hand-tied with a gentle cotton string by trained specialists in California USA. These red dragon blood sage bundles get their unique color from the resin of rare trees found in spiritual hot spots India and Sumatra.
  • ANCIENT SPIRITUAL GROWTH - Used for millennia by Native American Shamans, red dragon sage has stood the test of time, bringing clarity, virility and powerful protection. Smudge with our detoxing aromas when moving into a new home or after illness or conflict to regain a lighter feeling.

Binding: Kitchen

model number: EA-DGNBLD-3PCS

Part Number: EA-DGNBLD-3PCS

Details: Cleanse your aura and protect your personal energy with Espoir and Amour Dragon Blood Sage Smudge Stick! Espoir and Amour is a female-owned business, anchored by a passion for helping those with stressful, modern-day lifestyles to find inner peace. Sisters Humara and Farhana founded Espoir and Amour whilst embarking on their own spiritual journeys. After finding calmness and strength in their own healing journeys, having been through challenging times in their lives, they feel it's their turn to give back. By bringing their own Native American red dragon blood sage bundle to you, they are spreading the word of the life-changing benefits red sage smudge sticks for cleansing home have to offer! They'd love for you to join them! Experience the amazing benefits of our Blood Red Sage Sticks for Cleansing House Negative Energy in a few simple steps... 1. Hold your red burnable sage at a 45° angle2. Allow several seconds for the flame to properly smoulder3. Once lit, hold upwards and gently blow on embers to encourage a smooth, continuous burn 4. Waft smoke through your home, recite a mantra or maintain a calm intention5. Once you're finished, place your sage in your Espoir and Amour Abalone Shell to burn out peacefullyIncorporate age-old ritual into your spiritual healing routine with our dragons blood sage for cleansing house. With sustainability placed high at the top of our priorities, all of our sage bundles for smudging have been sustainably harvested, with our dragons blood sage being hand-tied and picked in California. Why not gift negative energy relief to the spiritual individual in your life? Perhaps someone who has recently started a new beginning? One thing's for sure, they'll love this thoughtful red sage for smudging and negative energy!Inspire, Heal and Empower, one Espoir and Amour Dragons Blood Sage to Burn for Cleansing 3 Pack at a time!

EAN: 0760122739867

Package Dimensions: 4.4 x 4.3 x 1.5 inches

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