About Us

SoulSistah3.0: Where Community, Culture, and Sistahood Flourish
Founded by Tamica Banks with a vision to empower young girls of color to embrace their beauty, culture, and African heritage, SoulSistah3.0 stands as a beacon of inspiration. Drawing from the cherished bonds of sisterhood she witnessed in her own family, Tamica envisioned a brand that fosters direct connections and celebrates unity.

At SoulSistah3.0, our motto echoes through everything we do: Community, Culture, and Sistahood. You'll find us deeply engaged in the community, whether we're donating books to children, participating in pop-up shops, or actively promoting and supporting black-owned businesses alongside various community organizations.

Our commitment to culture is palpable in every piece we offer. From imported treasures to handcrafted gems, and custom creations, our collections showcase the vibrancy and richness of Ghanaian artistry. We curate a selection of jewelry, art, and more that speaks to the soul of Africa and celebrates its diverse heritage.

But SoulSistah3.0 is more than just a boutique—it's a platform for sisterhood. We're out there in the community, networking, collaborating, and shining a spotlight on the incredible women behind businesses, products, and organizations. Together, we uplift and empower each other, forging bonds that transcend boundaries.

Join us at SoulSistah3.0 and become part of a movement where beauty, culture, and sisterhood intertwine to inspire and uplift.